Transformation Design, Serious Game, Education, Design for Emergence, Toolkit for Workshops

What it is:

The designerly outcome of my master thesis on »Design as Subversive Practice« is an intuitive creative and irritating aid that playfully supports interdisciplinary collaboration on complex problems.


»BOLD STRATEGIES« provide numerous irritations that are meant to inspire people working on fuzzy problems and seduces them undogmatically to new, unexpected perspectives. As a serious game crossover of Tarot, Memory and Puzzle, it’s a source of unconventional inspiration, a critical sparring partner and friendly challenger. In this way, the set allows playful conception and reflection of any design or transformation process.

While playing, different poinst of view on the problem itself are sensitively triggered and subversive thought-provoking impulses are conveyed in order to productively inspire collaboration in interdisciplinary teams and a variety of contexts.


The game itself consists of 190 individual cards, with an ambiguous text and image on each side. The cards serve as flexible »mental building blocks« and can be put together in different constellations and arrangements together or alone. In this way, visual landscapes are gradually created which vary in their complexity and can be adapted to the particular problem at hand. This helps to think and understand together and playfully promotes collaborative collaboration on complex challenges.

As »Design for Emergence« concept, it is extremely versatile and thrives on dynamic contexts. Above all, however, it lives from those who use it – and unconsciously contribute individual experiences, desires, world views and problem-solving strategies that can be analyzed and discussed.

This tool is an unconventional creative technique and an incitement to undisciplined thinking: It celebrates the diversity of perspectives, the ambiguity of circumstances and at the same time offer the mental tools to remain capable of action and future in the complex 21st century.

What I did:
Research, Ideation, Concept, Graphic Design, Production, User Testing, Planning and execution of workshops

Collaborateurs & Supporters:
Supervision: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Jonas & Prof. Dr. Michael Erlhoff

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