extranet. Bachelor Thesis (2015)

Design Research, UI & UX Design, Process Design, Education, Learning Management System

What it is:
This is my Bachelor Thesis. »extranet« is an modular, adaptive, AI based Learning Management System designed for changing needs in todays digitalized higher education. It expands the former Intranet of HS Anhalt with several features such as communication platforms or content sharing tools.

»Gruppensynergien an akademischen Ausbildungsstätten«, 2015
(»Teams and synergies in higher education«)

What I did:
Basically everything you see: design research, ideation and conception, UI/UX, branding, graphics, photography, documentation and animation

Collaborateurs & Supporters:
Prof. Dr. Michael Hohl + Prof. em. Dieter Raffler
(Anhalt University of Applied Arts)

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