INT(R)O: Transformation Design (2017)

Transformation Design, Book Art, Education, Empowerment, Workshops


What it is:
With the launch of the new Transformation Design Master’s program, we met the challenge of bringing different people with very diverse academic backgrounds together to work towards a common goal. After gaining a lot of experience on how this can work out, me and two of my fellow students decided to create an interactive study guide in a specially initiated project to pass on our knowledge.

This is our result: An ongoing work-in-progress, illustrated guide for new Transformation Design students at HBK Braunschweig. In order to make it easier for them to start off in a new direction, all admitted students received a 130-page, lovingly illustrated book as a gift, which was intended to give them an introduction to transdisciplinary work and an overview of relevant topics.

At the start of the semester, a workshop week specially designed for this purpose allowed the participants to build upon the knowledge they had already acquired and playfully familiarize themselves with their new accomplices through team-building activities. The concept has established itself as a successful format to this day.

What I did:
ideation, conception, illustration, typography, production, planning and execution of workshops

Collaborateurs & Supporters:
Lucas Kuster, Franzisca Rojas-Bergan

The Workshop

After the new students got to know each other and their new environment, we left them alone with the task of planning and running a self organized semester kickoff event – this way they had the chance to apply their new knowledge. After a long and busy week we had a big institute internal party with excellent food, relaxed music and lots of cool beer.

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