When I think about the future … (2018)

Transformation Design, Participative Forecasting,  Exhibition Design, Interactive Installation

What it is:
Another interactive survey for the annual Open Studios Week at HBK Braunschweig. This year we’ve asked the audience to vote and state their opinions about the future by common pegs. Therefore we’ve provided an installation including several statements all starting with the phrase „When I think about the future …“ regarding current trends and possible futures.

People were asked to place their pegs within a range of 0% to 100% certainty, if they think that each statement was likely to become true in the future or not.

What I did:
ideation, conception, creative direction, planning of our presentation space, organization and installation, photography/documentation

Collaborateurs & Supporters:
Kristina Fromm, Flora Mammana & Raphaela Küper (on concept & statements)



1) … I see a lot of possibilities to create it myself:
2) … science and research should have a stronger influence on policy decisions:

    3) … engineers will have defeated climate change through technical innovations:

4) … we need a policy of small steps instead of a revolution:
5) … I see green valleys, that once were streets and tiny houses instead of luxury mansions:
6) … we will only work for three hours a day – the rest will be taken care of by robots and smart technology:
7) … I expect technological progress rather than social progress:
8) … we’ve overcome national borders and consider ourselfs a global society:
9) … we’ll be living in isolated climate capsules, floating around all over the oceans:
10) … I’m really worried and I feel powerless:
Roughly 100 people took part in answering this survey.

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