Volles Brett Farbe! (2016)

Transformation Design, Futorologie, Workshops, Co-Design, Exhibition Design

What it is:

This intervention took place in context of the Zukunftstadt 2030 contest. In late 2015 we travelled to Wittenberge ourselves to see how we could help the residents to succeed in the competition.

„Perleberg, Wittenberge and Karstädt are each about 15 km apart in the district of Prignitz. Deindustrialisation and demographic change have led to fewer and older people living here, while the younger generation has often found it difficult to imagine their professional future in the region. This is exactly where the project comes in: it makes the strengths of the region and the people of the different generations visible in order to explore new possibilities for the interaction of economy, education and social interaction. Contemporary art is a catalyst for change processes. The quality of education and training influences the survival and ability of a region to shape its own future.“ (Source)

So we asked local kids and teenagers living in Wittenberge to express their personal ideas when it comes to their personal or collective future in paint. After receiving over 200 pieces of art we stitched them together and showed their visions inside of an abandoned building as a pop-up exhibition and discussed them with the visitors.

Go see our (german) blogpost about our intervention and other transformative projects in Wittenberge to get the whole picture!

What I did:
multiperspectival research, ideation, conception, creative direction, coordination & consulting of all partners involved,
planning/organisation and execution of a creative workshop with about 30 kids

Collaborateurs & Supporters:
Hermine Poschmann, Jugendhaus Würfel, Stadt Wittenberge, Lebenshilfe Perleberg, Montessori Schule Wittenberge, Gymnasium Wittenberge

Media response:
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